Anki AVL list with examples, cognates, and collocations
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This is a vocabulary list for Anki derived from the Advanced Vocabulary List (AVL). It includes no. 201 to no. 520.

This vocab list is for the purpose of stuyding these words for my course Advanced English for academic purposes C1-C2 at university. A heavy focus is set on cognates and collocations for each word family, not just a definition for each word.

How to use/import

You can easily import this deck via either the avilable AVL.apkg or CrowdAnki. (Information for the latter see below) The apkg files can be found in the 'Releases' section of this github.

I'm using Anki as my vocab program with the Addon CrowdAnki to export in a diff-friendly json-file. You can easily add it to your Anki setup via the code given on its AnkiWeb page.


For time management reasons, I've decided to just rip the information from This leaves me with 50 words that couldn't be found on ozdic. (See the for the list of words yet to be added correctly.) These will be added manually from time to time over the coming winter semester 2020.


The script I've implemented to rip from ozdic seems to work fine in general, but has a few issues from time to time. Expect some weird formatting at points. These will be fixed over the coming weeks.